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It’s been unusually long since i’ve written an actual post and there were many subjects that i’ve been itching to write about; However, life has whisked me into a few assignments like (going back to College). For now, let me break the ice by announcing that Bag Bang Theory has been getting much appreciated support and is still thriving to be a Brooklyn-styled artistic progression of designs, projects and endeavors. Our handbags and paintings have maintained an aesthetic of art and design made in Brooklyn, New York City that we are excited to see progress. Bag Bang Theory is now available for sale at Dominus Vir (a website for Master-Minds of all forms of art).

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Go freaking visit the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

During my visit to the Cooper Hewitt Museum, I was astonished by the exhibits and even the architecture of the mansion housing all of these wonderful collections.


I had never been to the museum and dare I say that I wasn’t even aware of what a Copper Hewitt was. After doing research I found that Peter Cooper Hewitt was an inventor and that his museum was founded by his granddaughters in the late 1800’s. Last week, I went to the museum with my classmates and Professor and spent about an hour browsing a few exhibits. Luckily, with the advancement of obtaining information on display all I had to do was tap my design pen on different works to read more about them leisurely at home.

One exhibit that caught ­­­my eye was the Models and Prototypes Gallery, which is currently on display on the second floor; donated by Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw. This particular exhibit caught my eye because I’ve always been enthralled with architecture and I immediately became mesmerized with the different wooden carved staircase design models displayed.

im6  The staircase models were 3D representations of 18th and 19th century staircases crafted in Europe. There were also architectural model plans, drawings and prototypes of building structures alongside the presentations of staircases. Overall, the exhibit demonstrated that there was a learning process for which an apprentice needed to fulfill to become masters of their craft at carpentry and design.

Another exhibit that I was happy to witness was the room of Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse. This room is located in the Carnegie Mansion. I was especially attracted to the Table Mat, Metallic Patched, 2016; Designed by Luisa Cevese and Hosso Co. Ltd.  


While I’m partially obsessed with fashion, I’ve always acknowledged that fabrics needed to be recycled because of the pollutants it imposes unto the earth. It’s great to see recycling in fashion being exhibited in such avant garde ways such as the Bag with Zip, Square Basket, 2013.


Last but certainly not least, the Immersion Room was by far my favorite room. As I am a graphic design major how could it not be? I didn’t just feel like I was apart of a different exhibit from the rest in the museum, I felt as though I was in a different museum all together or possibly a different world. In this exhibit, you simply use your design pen provided by the museum to sketch whichever design you choose onto a tech system. These designs automatically become projected onto the surrounding walls and becomes a temporary wall paper. You can also view popular prints within the museums permanent collection.


This exhibit is very interactive and gives you the opportunity to take on role as a designer.

My visit to the Cooper Hewitt Museum was well worth while. All three exhibits gave me an experience of multiple genres within the design world (architecture, fashion and digital) that I have never had before. I am inspired by what I have experienced within this museum and would recommend not just a fellow artist or designer or admirer but any and every person to visit.


Good afternoon beautiful people,

Designer of, Jazmin India would love to introduce you all to the latest art additions: LOST EMPIRE, The WONDER JUNGLE handbag and HOUSE OF THEORY.





These pieces were all produced in my work studio in Brooklyn, New York. Please feel free to contact me at for your wonders and custom inquiries. Also, keep a look out for more of my creations and keep in touch with me on Instagram  HERE and please like my Facebook page HERE 

One Love people.



What would you tell your younger self?

 If You Know Better, Do Better

tumblr_n77vvhkdLv1rz7yx1o1_500 (3)

I am now a 24 year old woman who sometimes wishes I could still be a kid again. I just moved into my first apartment with the true love of my life and am overwhelmed by what it takes to actually be a responsible adult. I am of African descent and grew up moderately poor. I love to design and produce Handbags and from time to time I dabble in other art forms for the ultimate inspiration experience. I am at a stage in my life where I have been seeking out my identity and it has become a small obsession of mine. Growing up poor I have consumed many bad habits but today I can honestly say that I’m trying to transition those habits into better habits. If I could talk to my younger self I would definitely give myself these really important pointers.

 *Forgiveness is the only way you can move from chapter to chapter in life. And before you forgive others, you must forgive yourself first.

*Try not to worry so much but to live in the present; this habit is definitely one of the harder habits to kick but I’ve realized that breathing properly and meditating helps a lot.

*Be careful of the many scams in this world. The world is not a place for the naive.

*Twerking has never been a habit of mines, but I’ve weaned out numerous places, people and activities due to the rise of this pathetic exploitation of a once traditional African dance.

*Listen to what the message is and not the delivery of that message. I found that when people really want the best for you, they don’t care about sweet talking you.

*MONEY, RELIGION, and HISTORY are all subjects that I have definitely changed my interpretation on, But this shall be revisited in another post simply because I can go on and on about these subjects.

*Try to be the hero and not the victim, stray away from getting people to feel sorry for you or for you feeling sorry for yourself.

*Kids are a serious responsibility and should be token as so. Parents have to be especially careful of the way their kids are being brought up as this can shape their lives for better or worse. Unfortunately my mom wasn’t careful with me so I have definitely fallen behind trying to teach myself how to responsibly take care of myself.

*Be open to many things by letting go of pride. Pride is a dangerous defense mechanism that a lot of people get from growing up and watching their families reaction to life

*Be confident in being an African American woman even though this is a White man’s world.

*Bragging and boasting leads to trouble and possibly bad karma.

and last but not least  *Give up lactose and red meats

Misty Morning

Misty Morning


Misty Morning Misty Morning is a pouch-purse that happens to also complement wine bottles. Perfect for those special occasions where bringing a bottle of wine is just enough and time is of no essence.

Material: Country Life Black and White

This antique style pouch is perfect for vintage lovers.
Shell: 60% cotton 40% linen

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Misty Morning