Most New Yorkers agree that Fall is the best season of the year. All year around we desire the Summer weather, but when the heat and humidity play a large factor day to day we call on the god’s for Fall.

Fall is the perfect season because it’s great for layering which is a cool way to exude your style. Leather is also a huge factor in why the Fall is the best season of the year. Leather in the summer can be worn but at one’s own risk of not sweating themselves to death. Fall welcomes leather and also complements it. With cool and subtle breezes of air reminding you that Winter is not too far off, leather comforts your imagination while in the moment of the season.

We’re excited to announce Bag Bang Theory’s Fall Collection is here. To kick off our Fall style with you we present our Leather Bags – The Black and Curvy Vintage Bag and the Token Pouch (as seen below)

Black & Curvy

The Token Bag

Which season is your favorite and why?

Shop » Bag Bang Theory for our Fall bags.



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