About Bag Bang Theory

Bag Bang Theory : is a progression of creative handbags connecting the dots between art and design.


Designer of Bag Bang Theory, Jazmin India grew up in the Bronx, New York City. Jazmin started hand sewing at age 7 making house pillows and other accessories for family and friends. At around age 9, Jazmin was given her first sewing machine from her favorite uncle. Not long after, she visited an alternative family she met from Pennsylvania and found her vision to become a designer.  Jazmin went to fashion Industries for fashion design; moving on to start Bag Bang Theory and producing her custom Bag Bang Theory purses -all of which are one of a kind and produced in New York City. Aside from making handbags, Jazmin was always interested in painting but did not pursue that artistry until college. Currently, Jazmin is producing works for a future exhibit which aims to highlight plastic and textile pollution as a downfall to mankind.

Feel free To contact Jazmin India to donate clothing and fabrics in good condition. By doing so, you will help to save our planet from textile pollution .