Bag Bang Theory’s Fall/Winter 17 collection consist of vibrant & artistically structured bags. This funky collection is inspired by indigenous traditions & playful concepts. Our handbags are composed of a mixture of fibers which can be sourced from fabric establishments around the world. The Fall/Winter 17 collection was artfully designed and handmade by Jazmin India in New York City.

Lo Bucket Content


Fall 2017 Campaigne

Golden Eye Bag

TokenPouchContentVibe Velvet Content2


Please follow our website for our Winter/Spring Look Book and get updates on new handmade productions and sales.

We’re always posting new works in progress and cool things we’re facilitating on our Instagram Page @bagbangtheory & Facebook Page Bag Bang Theory – So go ahead and give us a follow.

We hope your Fall is a ball, see you in the Winter!

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