It’s hard to think of spending the rest of your life with any one person monogamously. However, if you had the opportunity to be with the one you love and get the delicacy you have always wanted, then….

…..what would you say to a mènage à trois?

This subject matter has been in many conversations and is spoken about quite often. More recently, I’ve observed numerous conversations about this subject between friends and in the media. How can I not write about this topic? I’ve never been in this kind of scenario but I’ve always inquired about how it would play out if it were ever to happen. My questions include who, when, where, how and more significantly WHY? Is this something even worth jeopardizing my relationship for? Besides my own fears and jealousies, I’m certainly curious about exploring that part of my sexuality. I know I’m not the only person who has thought of the fine prints regarding the act of a three-some…

Personally and from no experience I feel that the best way to deal with such a complex scenario is just to be. Be in the sense of being or living….Know what it is that you actually want out of this arrangement and take it. Don’t go through with something for the sake of someone else. Be prepared for anything to happen while you give your emotions a break for a night. Let your hair down and have fun!!

This is a topic worth going on and on about. Lets link thoughts!

Tell me what you think about mènage à trois.

Is this something you would even go through with? If not then why? What are the things you have considered regarding this topic? Put aside your inhibitions and express your sexuality, or at least inquire about it.

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