So, I’m in the city yesterday, meeting my best friend who happens to be my boyfriend. We went to the pier to catch up on the day and chow down on some food. We got caught up in a debating conversation about success and the struggles in the pursuit of success. This current generation of American people in my opinion- seem to have it worst off then the immediate generation previous to us. Sure, there’s more people going to college now then there was 30 years ago. However, today fewer people are finding jobs, leaving the nest, and starting families, this may be a result of this generations way of thinking. Are we the lost generation?

Most of us in America are still suffering from the wrath of what our previous generation has brought down on us with the economy. With the elimination of the middle class, and rich becoming super rich; you begin to wonder how you can beat the odds. Honestly, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will not solve any of our problems, and maybe these socializing sites are huge and addicting distractions. Something to take our mind off of our own demise. Unemployment rates are high and debts are increasing. What would it take for us to realized that our system needs a change? How can we create a better world for the future generations? I think we have more opportunities to come together, to educate ourselves and to say NO to the use of our resources as distractions. Step up people, take action NOW for the future and future generations..

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