There’s so many styles, colors and designs to choose from today in fashion . How do you know which fit is perfect for the occasion, mood or day? For starters, Nude “is a color that falls within the spectrum of human skin colors” according to Being that there are so many skin complexions, I’d say there is over 50 tones of Nude for every type of person. Aside from the science behind nude, it was always considered a classic color in most contexts. Nude to me, is the perfect color to clean-up well in and to give an impression of sensibility. Nude seem’s like the safest choice to make in an indecisive situation but what about taking risks and showing personal style?

A personal and experimental sense of style requires both the openness to criticism and the openness to imagination. Here’s where Print comes into play. According to Textile Fashion Study – Printing is described as localized dyeing i.e., dyes or pigments are applied locally or discontinuously to produce the various attractive designs or fabric. The main objectives of printing are the production of attractive designs with well defined boundaries made by artistic arrangement of a motif or motifs in one or more colors.

So which style describes your style best or do they both fit into a description of yourself? [Comment Below]

Bag Bang Theory has both Print and Nude styles available like these bags below for purchase here >>> SHOP BAG BANG THEORY. All Bag Bang Theory bags are handmade in New York City by Designer and Artist Jazmin India.


The Lisa Bag

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