BBT @ Dominus Vir

It’s been unusually long since I’ve written an actual post and there were many subjects that i’ve been itching to write about; However, life has whisked me into a few assignments like (going back to college). For now, let me break the ice by announcing that Bag Bang Theory has been getting much appreciated support and is still thriving to be an American-made artistic progression of designs, projects and endeavors. Our handbags and paintings have maintained an aesthetic of art and design made in New York City and we are excited to see more progress. Bag Bang Theory is now available for sale at Dominus Vir (a website for Master-Minds of all forms of art).

At Bag Bang Theory, we are looking for ways to improve our products and the value that it brings to our clients. If you take just a few moments of your time to answer a few questions (in the comment section below) you can have 30% off of your purchase of any bag.

1. What do you look for in a bag?

2. What is your favorite color and/or print?

3. What is the most you’ve spent on a bag?

4. When was the last time you’ve bought a bag and from which designer?

Take 30% off your purchase of any  Bag Bang Theory bag with FREE U.S. Shipping. 

Offer Available until 3/24/17 @ 11:59pm

Shop Dominus Vir

****Please look for a replied response of the *discount code* used for checkout, you should receive within minutes of your delightful comment.

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