What would you tell your younger self?

 If You Know Better, Do Better

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I am now a 24 year old woman who sometimes wishes I could still be a kid again. I just moved into my first apartment with the true love of my life and am overwhelmed by what it takes to actually be a responsible adult. I am of African descent and grew up moderately poor. I love to design and produce Handbags and from time to time I dabble in other art forms for the ultimate inspiration experience. I am at a stage in my life where I have been seeking out my identity and it has become a small obsession of mine. Growing up poor I have consumed many bad habits but today I can honestly say that I’m trying to transition those habits into better habits. If I could talk to my younger self I would definitely give myself these really important pointers.

 *Forgiveness is the only way you can move from chapter to chapter in life. And before you forgive others, you must forgive yourself first.

*Try not to worry so much but to live in the present; this habit is definitely one of the harder habits to kick but I’ve realized that breathing properly and meditating helps a lot.

*Be careful of the many scams in this world. The world is not a place for the naive.

*Twerking has never been a habit of mines, but I’ve weaned out numerous places, people and activities due to the rise of this pathetic exploitation of a once traditional African dance.

*Listen to what the message is and not the delivery of that message. I found that when people really want the best for you, they don’t care about sweet talking you.

*MONEY, RELIGION, and HISTORY are all subjects that I have definitely changed my interpretation on, But this shall be revisited in another post simply because I can go on and on about these subjects.

*Try to be the hero and not the victim, stray away from getting people to feel sorry for you or for you feeling sorry for yourself.

*Kids are a serious responsibility and should be token as so. Parents have to be especially careful of the way their kids are being brought up as this can shape their lives for better or worse. Unfortunately my mom wasn’t careful with me so I have definitely fallen behind trying to teach myself how to responsibly take care of myself.

*Be open to many things by letting go of pride. Pride is a dangerous defense mechanism that a lot of people get from growing up and watching their families reaction to life

*Be confident in being an African American woman even though this is a White man’s world.

*Bragging and boasting leads to trouble and possibly bad karma.

and last but not least  *Give up lactose and red meats

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