Every person has to realize when they are straying from their Legend. They must cut off the arm that will not support the body. They must accept failure and shun denial. Sometimes letting go of your comforts and seeing how you balance life by yourself is necessary. That is what I did and it was hard for me. I wonder if people often go about life in this way. I wonder if they are willing to leave everything behind to pursue a Legend.

The thing about legends or legacies is that you can’t know how it will turn out; you can only pursue what you think/know you are here to do, and the outcome is left up to fate. I have been thinking a lot about my existence recently. I had left behind a past life for a life of stability and possibilities. Following my true legend, there’s no way I could have stayed. I was raised with a heap of drama and separation. Growing up in that environment I had acquired so many bad habits like trust issues and anger and the worst of all pride. Those bad habits consumed me alive. I didn’t want to support that misery anymore. I’d always hoped that things would be different but now I realize that it was all necessary for me. If I did not have those experiences, I may not have been driven to leave to find myself and what I am here to do.


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