Out with my girlfriends for another “girls night out” this past weekend

 what I wore:

My outfit includes my favorite Levi’s jacket with black lace on the back shoulder panel, Sexy black dress that I brought from forever 21, Betsey Johnson’s White polka dot knee-high stockings, and my favorite purple hypnotizing Dr. Martens

My friends Crystal, Misty and I club hopped the whole night. We started out at like 7th ave, and ended up around 1st ave. It was fun hanging with my friends but as I’m starting to get older I’ve realize that New York City club scenes don’t fancy me the way they used to. Club Music bombs more than ever nowadays. By the way, why does every song get reproduced with alarms and loud techno sirens? Drinks are expensive and watered down. Oh, and how can I forget how uncomfortable the men and women at these clubs are making me feel. It’s as if desperation was the new way of socializing…..Either way I had fun if you can believe that after all of my antics (haha). I won’t doubt for a fact that sometimes I can be a New York downer, I mean everything here is over-rated to an extent. Complaining is never good without a quick solution so LIT LOUNGE has become my solution to clubbing in the city.

…and now they have shut down, due to I don’t know what.

4 thoughts on “Night-Life, Over-rated

  1. I feel you, the ATL club scene is even worse…our last hurrah was probably the early 2000’s when Crunk music was big and everyone clubbed in athletic gear and didn’t mind sweatin it up….now….it’s like going to office/ work parties….I wonder what the clubs are like in Denver, maybe you can buy some weed instead of the 7 dollar drink….wonder what thats like?

  2. I loved loved loved that outfit you wore that night. I think there is more to living the life then just clubbing. There are many other adventures to enjoy then just partying!

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