Modify that Dress, finally!!!

Have any old (solid-colored) frumpy dress’ that you just don’t wear anymore? Maybe its too big and matronly for someone like you. HERE’S A CLUE! Give that old dress to me and I can turn it into something exciting like this dress you see below. This is an h&m dress that I got on sale from $70 at a snatching $15. It was solid black and very roomy, but had a lot of potential.

Unfortunately there is only after pictures and no before pictures. I also made bleach dots on the dress for a nice print style, I used a Q tip and water-diluted bleach.

This dress is the perfect “little black dress”, it can be worn many ways anytime of the year.  If I’m feeling a little tough, I put on this black biker jacket that I also got from h&m (perfect for Spring and Fall). But here’s a secret you don’t know, I got this cool jacket from the men section of the store. Men clothing can be chic and comfortable if you’re wearing it right. OR, you can wear this dress and be soft and sensual with a cute waist belt (perfect for a Summer occasion). If you want to be sexy and daring I say a bold contrasting-colored belt sets the outfit and occasion.

Remember that what ever you choose to do, have fun with it and let your inner-self sparkle!!!

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