SNEAK PEEK…. to be sold soon!!

Available Soon

Lately this economy is taking a twist for me. My current job is working for Levi’s as a sales stylist but I haven’t been working regularly lately due to financial cut backs.

So I’ve been trying not to be inactive with myself. I have taken up a few hobbies, one of which includes me starting my Purse Collection. For a long time now I have visualized creating an assortment of Small Distinctive Purses. I’ve even designed a few in the past.  I haven’t come up with an overall vision yet but I have been able to at least come up with a scheme. My dream is to make one of a kind clutches, small purses, and small shoulder bags out of (recycled materials) from an accumulation of Labeled Clothing. Seems sort of complicated I know but it isn’t I Promise. I also take  requests for further detailed purses if interested.


So far I have come up with some samples. However; they aren’t fully done as I’m looking forward to going to my favorite fabric store Mood and buying more trims and accessories to better personalize my designs. I’m sure you have heard of “Mood” before on Project Runway

*Purses available in the fall   (I will be keeping you guys posted in advanced)


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