sample iozeo

Today, I have submitted a series of photos from a few events from the past few weeks and I promise that you will appreciate if not all, most of these photos  🙂   I’ll just give my admirers a short bio of these snapshots.

The first set is a behind the scenes look of A Rising Business Spotlight, a video shot by: The Rising Arts. My very good friend and the guy behind the scenes of my very own blog iozeo is the founder of The Rising Arts (Antorne McLeod). He asked me to come through with a favor and host for him and how could I refuse.  His motive is to put a spotlight on individuals that are pursuing their dreams in the field of art of any kind. With him are three gentlemen introducing their future bar to the world. I’ll be posting more information about them soon, they will be having some cool stuff going on in the near future (New Yorker’s).

Antorne McLeod

……. Here I am at a RAWbrooklyn event. A few things going on that night including sexy models, a cool rock band, hand-made purses, and paintings ………

My legs look freakishly skinny , funny.

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hope you got that and more.


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