Hats clutching the future………

Stylish and rich looking, these hats are timeless. This red brim-less felt hat you see here was given to me by a close friend who works for Patricia Underwood. He was able to claim this hat for free from a whopping $450.00.These hats are a perfect accessory for any lunch occasion.

I’m a playful accessory girl. Going out for a night on the town, this sailor hat makes my night exciting, adventurous and memorable.

 A busy day demanding lots of concentration gives you the perfect opportunity to throw on a fedora similar to this one. Something chic and simple ought to do it. Which ever hat you have that makes you feel confident and comfy should be your go to work hat.


Personally, caps are my favorite type of hats. Having such a radical hairstyle (Mohawk), caps  allow me to hide the morning mess I don’t have time to handle some days, they also allow me to show off a peek of the bold hair that is my own.

What are some of your favorite hats to wear?


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