Iozeo’s Contest: mix&match to WIN A STYLIST+ACCESSORY

Don’t miss out on your chance to win!

The iozeo contest

I have chosen a few of my favorite cars spotted out in New York City this summer so far. Along side these cars are shoes that have kicked off this summer for me and have been worn more than any other shoes in my closet this season. Comfort is the main reason these shoes have become my favorite shoes to wear this summer. They are transitional and funky as well.

Imagine which car you would drive and shoe you would wear. Which shoe suits you more? Which car suits you best? Dabble on the other side of fashion where vintage cars are the rave and comfort is a must in a shoe. Above all else, be creative and choose your personal favorite vintage car and shoes!




There are a few easy steps you must complete in this grand prize-winning contest. Simply write a descriptive comment explaining which car and shoe you have chosen personally as your favorite for this summer. (*the car doesn’t have to be yours.) You are only allowed one pair of shoes and one car to match together as your favorite Car&Shoe look. In one sentence or more, explain why you personally have matched the two together.

One more step for a lucky winner.

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The prized includes:

A free day spent as a VIP.

For 2 hours I will help you in organizing your closet to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Are their specific pieces that need tailoring or alterations? I will handle that for you as I’m not only a stylist and fashion blogger but I sew too. Is their items you want to get rid of but never took the time to do so? I will take that task for you.

This is a makeover for your closet!

But that’s not all……………..

You will also get a surprise accessory. Being a stylist, I collect clothes and accessories. Some I’ve used for photo shoots and events. They are awaiting a great fashionable owner with your name written all over it!

The winner will be selected by me Jazmin India, I will be looking for candidates that select the best matching car and shoe. I will also be looking for someone who can express their own unique style and fashion sense in there comment on the chosen Car&Shoe. The winner will be contacted through email on July 15th, 2012. After a winner has been selected, they are allowed 48 hours from my first email notification to contact me back, or they will lose the prize and a second winner will be chosen and contacted.


Deadline and Restrictions: Entries will no longer be considered after July 12th 2012. So hurry fast and enter to win! I live and work out of the New York City area, therefore applicants not living in New York City may still enter to win but will only be allowed to receive the *Surprise Accessory not the closet makeover. To those living outside of New York City, if  you are chosen to win your Surprise Accessory will be shipped to you.


4 thoughts on “Iozeo’s Contest: mix&match to WIN A STYLIST+ACCESSORY

  1. This Is what I’ve been waiting for…. Opportunity.. Will you showcase who wins the contest.. I wanna see.. WAIT.. could be me..Excited..

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