Must I admit? Ruffles ain’t easy.

A ruffled garment is perfect for a thin to average built woman. They aren’t so flattering on full-figured woman because there’s more fabric on a ruffled garment that potentially mislead your real shape. The color of ruffles makes an enormous difference. They look best when the color is soft and alluring. Bold colors on a ruffle can make, but usually break the entire outfit. You may find yourself on fashion police after making such a simple mistake. There are many types of ruffled blouses, the trick is finding which one is right for you.

Go for a ruffled shirt like this one. They are effortlessly sexy and diverse.

I found myself in a rut with ruffles when I constructed my first top.The ruffle blouse, making me look top-heavy at first, discouraged me. After playing the mitch-&-match game I discovered this long black bow tie. I thought, “What could it hurt to try sewing this over something that was already unflattering for me”.


This inexpensive bow tie taken from scraps, not only made this ruffled top flattering on me, but it makes the top look expensive and exclusive.

What is your take on a Ruffled Blouse ?

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3 thoughts on “Must I admit? Ruffles ain’t easy.

  1. I am a big fan off a ruffled shirt.. Honestly from a mans p.o.v. definitly hypnotizing on the dance floor or just walking by..

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